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What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s basically when a computer (server) is divided into many smaller virtual computers. So that every person can use their server for their own purposes for a fraction of the cost of renting a whole server, but still have complete control!

What is a VPS for?

Well anything really, a VPS is just like your home computer. The advantage is that it will be switched on and connected to the internet all the time and won’t use your own internet connection and power.

The most common uses are for hosting websites and game servers eg. minecraft, sa-mp etc.

What operating system does a VPS use?

The most common is Linux based like Centos or Ubuntu but Windows is also used too. What operating system you use is up to you. Linux is more common as it’s cheaper and with Windows you pay a license fee plus Linux is considered more secure and stable.

VPS Advantages over Home Hosting?

So what are the advantages of using a free VPS to host your website, minecraft or other game server? Well first of all you can leave your server running 24/7 instead of leaving your home computer connected to the internet all the time. It is safer, so it prevents hackers from trying to attack your home computer. The other thing is typically a VPS server will have a much higher upload speed than a home use would have, so it will be a lot faster!

What is a VDS?

VDS stands for Virtual Dedicated Server, it’s another name for a VPS.

What is VNC?

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, it allows a user to use the server as a virtual desktop. So you need to install a VNC server on your VPS then connect using a VNC tool and you can view the VPS’s desktop and control it like you would your own computer!
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What is a VPN?

A VPN and a VPS are two completely different things so it’s important that you understand that. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it’s effectively a network that reaches not just over the local area network but over a wider area. A VPN is often used as a proxy service, so you can connect to a VPN using a VPN client and all your traffic will be go through the network. The advantage of using a VPN is that it hides your ip and also all your traffic will be encrypted so that even your ISP can’t read the data. You can use a VPS to setup and run your own VPN for free to keep safe online!